Is it safe to go to Thailand in 2018?

Millions of tourists flock to Thailand each year, and many leave with a deep appreciation for this exotic country. However, the question remains: is it safe to go to Thailand? Street safety in Thailand is essential if you want a peaceful and enjoyable holiday. Fraud in Thailand is plentiful, and tourists need to be very vigilant. Here is a list of street parades and scams to look out for while on vacation.

Street safety tips

  1. Watch out for tuk-tuks that will suddenly lead you to an amazing restaurant instead of your chosen spot. These tuk-tuks and restaurants are usually accomplices. As a result, you can eat food you didn’t even plan to eat and pay a huge amount for it.

  2. Street safety in Thailand is now a government priority, but pockets and thieves are still plentiful in crowded places. Watch out for those pockets that are hidden from view.

  3. In Bangkok’s Red Light District, Patpong, tourists whom these gorgeous lady guys entice to have a drink are recommended with great caution, and as a result they are aggressively asking for money.

Fraud to watch out for

  1. Fraud “This attraction is closed”

This is one of the scams in Thailand, which attracts many tourists. When tourists come to a famous place, someone comes up to you and tells you that the attraction is closed for the day, and then says that it can take you to an alternative attraction where you will have to forcibly buy inflated items such as clothes or gems in the store .

  1. The Tuk-Tuk affair

This is one scam, which, unfortunately, many tourists fall for, but do not report, because people are just trying to look the other way. Tuk-tuk drivers charge 20 baht for your trip (an inflated amount because the trip costs about 10 baht), drive in a circle and follow a longer route, making the trip longer than usual. Eventually they charge more than 20 baht.

  1. Fake Stone Scam

While there are many legitimate gem stores in Thailand, beware of counterfeit gem stores that offer huge discounts on gems. They even persuade you by telling you that these gems are sold at wholesale prices and you can kill if you resell them in your own country. These scammers prey on tourists who do not know the real gems from the fake ones. Be careful, because as a result you can buy insignificant pieces of glass or other materials that are inferior.

Thailand is a well-known place to travel. The land of smiles is a really great place to visit. However, as in any well-known tourist destination filled with millions of tourists, safety and security should be a priority. Listen to these street safety tips and watch out for the scams mentioned above. If you visit Thailand without any worries, you will surely have an unforgettable, once in a lifetime vacation.