Truck and trailer safety tips

Accident prevention can save a lot of money. As drivers, we are often on the road and we need to try and travel safely. Using safety tips for trucks and trailers will help not only you as a truck driver, but all your road users. Below are some tips on the safety of trucks and trailers that can be very helpful to all drivers.

Tip 1: If you do not see the side mirror of the truck, then the truck driver does not see you. So make sure you are visible at all times.

Tip 2: Leave space between the car and the truck when you stop behind the truck on a hill. The truck may roll back and crash into your car. Save extra space with the car in front of you when driving in wet weather.

Tip 3: Make sure your truck has enough space when turning. For larger trucks you will need two lanes to turn.

Tip 4: Double check the mirrors when turning right. Motorists may not know you need to turn wide to the left to make a right turn, and they may not realize you are turning. So indicate in advance where you are going.

Tip 5: Do not place the truck load too high. The higher you stack the load, the more traction on the truck. By folding lower and unloading the load across the entire space of the truck, you can stay more agile and improve not only visibility but also fuel economy.

Tip 6: Car maintenance is an important way to extend the life of your truck and trailer. In addition, it is a huge safety problem in trucking.

Tip 7: Trucks don’t drive like cars. Trucks tend to be particularly dangerous because they have large blind spots, also known as “No Zones,” and they need extra space when turning.

Tip 8: If you drive past a truck and a trailer on a wet day, reduce your speed slightly, as spraying water from the truck’s tires may reduce visibility.

Tip 9: If you’re driving on multi-lane highways, it’s a good idea not to be placing your car between two or larger vehicles.

Tip 10: Make sure you use the ball of the right size for your trailer. Don’t try to use a 1-7 / 8 inch ball on a 2-inch trailer even though they are close together. The trailer may pop up while towing.

Tip 11: Overtake on flat terrain with plenty of space. Avoid overtaking uphill or downhill. Overtaking on the bridge is also not desirable.

Tip 12: Learn how to check your brakes, detect safety defects and fix them before risking your life and the lives of others on the highway. Invest in quality parts for trucks and trailers.