5 tips for your next vacation in Thailand

According to most people, Thailand is a distant exotic image, which is usually an enviable dream, not a good memory. Assuming you are lucky enough to travel to Thailand, carefully planning your trip goes without saying. First, you need to decide what type of vacation you want to spend in Thailand or what parts of Thailand you would like to visit before booking flights and vacation destinations in Thailand.

In recent years, there have been political problems that have arisen mainly in Bangkok, but don’t let travel to Bangkok or Thailand be hampered. If you want to experience the city’s attractions and rich Thai culture, you will need to visit Bangkok for a long weekend or maybe even for a week. If you want to relax and enjoy the sunshine, you can visit the chic beach resorts of Samui, Phuket or Krabi.

There is so much to do and see in Thailand, but here are 5 tips you should consider before booking flights and vacations in Thailand:

1. When to visit Thailand:

It is best to try to avoid the rainy season from July to October, although Thailand can be hot in the summer. The peak season usually falls in November and February, but that’s when costs get higher.

2. Be vigilant:

The Thai authorities are very strict in Thailand and any violations are severely punished. Before traveling, ask your travel agent or embassy what you can and cannot take to Thailand, especially regarding cigarettes, alcohol and medication. It goes without saying to avoid drug dealing, and the Thai authorities are executing the death penalty against criminals.

3. Culture:

Make sure you experience the culture of Thailand. You may want to relax on the beaches all day, but if you travel so far, it will be a shame not to take some time and explore and experience at least a little of the Thai culture that is offered. You may want to visit a small neighboring town and one of the many monarchies. You will see Buddhist monks whom you will need to treat with great respect.

4. Treatment:

If you visit Thailand, be sure to pamper yourself. No matter what resort you stay at, there will be plenty of places for massage, and Thai massage should not be missed.

5. Head and legs:

As part of Thai culture, they have views of the head and legs and believe that these body parts are sacred. So you should never touch anyone’s head, and when you sit, never let your soles point to the image of the Buddha.