A few parades on the trip from Luton Airport

Getting to the airport

When planning a flight from Luton Airport you will find many problems. Your first task is to get to the airport, and if you are going to travel by car, you will probably have to use the M1, regardless of whether you are traveling from the north or the south of the country. Unfortunately, the road is gloriously busy at this point, and traffic at the airport and cars are heading to or leaving London.

Apart from the M25, to which the M1 connects, it is probably the second busiest road in the country, and due to the volume of traffic any accident can quickly turn into a significant tail back and can cause enough delay so that you can’t even miss flight. All of this can be easily avoided if you give yourself as much time as possible or even hit the road the day before and take advantage of the hotel’s airport and parking at Luton Airport, which is described below.

Other areas you should consider are the following

Are you familiar with airport and parking services?

Anyone unfamiliar with airport planning and parking locations and tolls can easily find that he spends a significant portion of his budget travel unnecessarily just to park his car. Also, without a thorough understanding of the areas where parking is located and security, many travelers may have real concerns about the safety of their car while they are away.

To avoid this possibility, it is much better to spend some time studying what is on both the parking lots and on them, and choose parking lots approved under the Safe Parks Scheme that will at least give you the confidence that The car park was inspected and approved by a third party, which in this case is the Association of Chief Police Officers, which works under this scheme.

The site for comparison of parking at the airport will also describe not only security measures, but also describes the location of parking, including distance from the airport, transfer time and frequency of transfers.

They will also give you a choice of parking fees to choose from and you will notice that just by booking before the trip, you can save up to 30% on the price of the entrance or gate and only this is worth knowing.

Luton Airport Parking Options

At the airport

The airport offers long-term, medium-term and short-term parking, and the cheapest – long-term, the fee depends on the distance from the airport and the regularity of transfers. Short-term parking is the most expensive and really more for disembarking and gathering people and should never be used for parking for more than 24 hours, otherwise you will face an unpleasant shock.

From the airport

The Airparks car park is approximately a 12 minute drive from the airport and offers excellent value and is approved according to the safe park scheme.

Meeting and greeting service

Especially useful if you don’t have much time or you have to carry a lot of luggage. You leave the car during the short stay and go to register. It costs about 2 ½ times more than using the car park at the airport.

Luton Airport Hotel and Parking

This is becoming more popular because it allows you to travel in the afternoon or evening before the flight, avoiding any pitfalls that may be delayed. There are several hotels to choose from, including parking included. Once again, complete information will be given on where your car will be stored while you are away.