Your ultimate hotel guide and travel tips for exotic Thailand

Thailand, the land of smiles, is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, located in the warm sunny Southeast Asia. In fact it serves as a home for millions of vacationers each year. And now let’s take a look at why Thailand is the place of choice for many vacationers. Thailand is an exotic country that offers something to everyone; from historic ancient temples to sandy white beaches or traditional mountain tribes to exciting nightlife.

When visiting Thailand, many tourists not only enjoy the capital of Bangkok, they also love to travel to other provinces to see what this beautiful country has to offer. I firmly believe in planning ahead; from transport, to hotels, to restaurants. This avoids unnecessary injuries, especially if you do not speak the local language. I’m going to share with you some helpful tips for traveling around the Kingdom of Thailand.

If you plan to explore the northern part of Thailand, Chaing Mai or Phuket, in the south (a favorite of many tourists), you can look at the available transport options: 1) Domestic flights 2) Express buses or 3) Trains. Among them, my number one choice is certainly to fly domestic airlines rather than ride at night by bus or train. In Thailand, domestic flights are very affordable. A round trip ticket, which costs about $ 170 during peak season and less in low season, will take you to any of the major destinations from central Bangkok. There are many domestic airlines, but two of my recommended airlines are Thai Air and AirAsia. The service is silky smooth at a competitive price. Although budget airlines do not serve food during a flight that lasts about one hour, domestic airlines such as Thai Air or Bangkok Air.

Now it’s time to decide where to stay! Fortunately, Thailand caters to every taste and budget. It has 5-star skyscrapers with views of places such as the Chaofai River in Bangkok or the white sandy beaches of Phuket. Another option – resort-like resorts in the northern mountains of Chaing Mai. For a budget controversial traveler a great option – tourist places on the road Kao-San. There is literally something for everyone and for any lifestyle.

Most hotels in Thailand have their own official website with pictures of rooms and the possibility of booking online. I also highly recommend you look at hotel catalogs in Thailand, independent hotel review sites with user ratings and comments to help you decide what is right for you.

In conclusion, if you follow the above suggestions and plan ahead, you should get an unforgettable experience in beautiful Thailand.