5 travel tips for Nepal in a budget store

Whether you are embarking on a challenging hike to the Langtang Tillman Pass or on a rigorous hike to the Everest region or just on a short trip to Nepal’s tourist destinations, every traveler thinks of a dramatic reduction in the amount of the bank. But that’s not true if you find some travel tips.

Visiting a budget tourist destination in Nepal is not a difficult task if you find a place for cheap accommodation and meals. However, budget trips are not only about cheap food and accommodation, but also about spending less money. So, if you want a successful budget trip to Nepal, taking into account your bank amount, we will get some advice for you:

1) Learn to bargain

Bidding is something that will definitely come in handy on your trip. Whether you are going for street shopping or for the duration of your stay, you need to bargain to pay less. The first rule of the contract is that you will never pay for the mentioned initial rates. Nepalese have excellent negotiation skills and never let them go wrong.

2) Find a cheap place to stay and shop

If you are traveling around Nepal on a small budget but want to try local cuisine and buy souvenirs, always find a cheap place. Most tourist places charge high rates, but you can get it at a lower price in another part of town. Find the best place and save money.

This also applies to hikes in the highlands of Nepal. For example: If you are heading to Everest with three passes, stay with a local family and not find an expensive luxury hotel.

3) Stay away from the main market

The main market square is always expensive and crowded on that street in Nepal. You can save a dollar if you stay in a less popular area rather than the main market. Make sure you have access to local transport or hire personal transport to easily travel around the city.

4) Benefit local

Local access to the vast information about the place that any travel guide or guide can offer you. They live here and know this place properly. You can ask the locals about the price of the hotel and the products and find out about the best. Making friends with friends or just talking to them can save you money as well as add a unique travel experience.

5) Buy a budget travel package

If you want to purchase a major travel package, we suggest choosing a budget travel package. There are many travel and tour packages that offer an attractive budget travel package to their customers. Look for the best travel package, bargain and find the best fare for your adventure.

If you want to travel around Nepal on your own, we suggest hiring a guide to Kathmandu, which can be much cheaper than a budget travel package.

Please book in advance the hotel and plane ticket at the peak of the season to secure your trip.